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Kids on a Mission - Ames, Iowa
Kids on a Mission - Ames, Iowa mobile
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Kids on a Mission started in July 2013 as an opportunity for younger kids to do mission work. Many times mission trips are designated for older kids and adults. All kids should know from a young age that they can help! They don’t necessarily have to be older to help out people in need. So kids from around the area gather for a three day event at First United Methodist Church where they learn about local and global missions, work together to determine who they could help, and come up with a plan for how they can help that group in need.

Upcoming Events

First Saturday of Each Month | Birthday Club Drop Off Event

On the first Saturday of each month, we will hold a drop off event where Birthday Club members can drop off any donations they collected in the previous month. There will be special months where we will also hold an event on the first Saturday of the month where we will be able to distribute items given from a previous month.

Old School Academy

This is a special Sunday for the children in which they partake in different activities. Each Activity is capped at 12 participants.